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The tanks washing plant is composed as follows:

  • structure in carbon steel sections, tank table in sheet metal with 30° tilting
  • lid diam. 1500 provided with ball joint and special rubber scals to ensure adherence to the tank.
  • pneumatic unit, complete with gauge, valves, regulatiors, fittings lubrificatos and steam trap, for closing lid and tilting tank
  • The collection boxes in Aisi 304 stainless steel - 1250x420xH.500 with impurity retaining filters
  • Motor-driven pump with base - capacity 50/125 lt. pressure 8/10 Bar- worked by APDE 10 HP motor
  • Rotary cleaner



Adpe box Cesi standard containing: remote motor protector for motor-pump - timer - transformer - fuses and terminals.
On/off switches and low voltage warning light
The plant can wash tanks with dimensions from a minimum diameters of 500 to a maximum 1500.
With Polivasc environmental pollution and solvent emissions are considerably reduced, ensuring greater safety during paint production tank washing operations.
The supply does not include:

  • on the spot assembly and testing
  • possible masonry work
  • insertion of inert gas before and during the washing phases
  • earting of all the electrical parts
  • mechanics and collection boxes.

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