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"We design and build in Italy equipments and machinery meeting various requirements from different sectors"

DIAMAC established in 1944, specialized the manufacture of machinery used in industry, especially in the chemical sector. The company's headquarters are located in Ceranesi, in the Province of Genoa, where the management of the various operative office as well as the technical product designing department operate and where the entire machinery production-line is carried.
The organizational framework of DIAMAC with its overall staff of 30 people, comprises the Head-office and a group of associated company performing with the object of manufacturing.
The machinery and the plants constructed by DIAMAC are specified in particular to colour industry (dye work) and also to the inks, adhesive, paraffin, abrasive products and product used in tanneries. The machinery that DIAMAC commercialize are project and manufacture by itself and they are aim to produce water paints, solvent paints, fillers etc., and they are dispersers, mixers, ball-mill, extruders, kneading-machines, tank-washing machines etc.
DIAMAC manufactures and automates industrial plants performing the stockage, transport, measurement and processing of liquid and solid raw materials required for the formulations.
DIAMAC products follow firm own company standard, but normally DIAMAC also construct out of series machine upon customer request
DIAMAC set up the single components in the plant, and manufactures the necessary machinery. Furthermore, it installs all the single components and collaborates with the local technicians (electricians, plumbers) with the aim of making the machinery function according to plan.
It also sets up and test the plant, this assisting the Purchasers for as long as it takes to train the production personnel.
DIAMAC is able to offer an all-inclusive service, as it handless all the details of the work involved.
The firm operating, other than Italy, in several countries abroad among which Costa Rica, China, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, Greece, the Countries forming ex-Yugoslavia, Poland and the Czech Republic; and DIAMAC now well-established in Europe and takes advantage of the necessary know-how and experience acquired during 40 years of business carried out nearly exclusively in the chemical industries. The firm have a service/assistance department deals with any problem with the machinery and/or plants.

  • Made in Italy Product
  • Electric panels
  • We supply any spare parts
  • Made in Italy Product

    Made in Italy Product

    All our equipments are manufactured (designed and built) in our Genoese factory since 1944.

  • Electric panels

    Electric panels

    We also assemble the electric panels handling the operation of our equipments, custom designed as requested and in compliance with certification standards.

  • We supply any spare parts

    We supply any spare parts

    Since our equipments are directly built in our factory, we can supply any fully compatible custom tailored spare part in the shortest time.


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