• Metal bearing structure made from tubular steel and striated carbon steel sheets
  • Built-in normal step type or ladder type access stairs with rear protection, in situations where the operator has no control to activate from above the metal structure
  • Supporting legs with slab base to attach to the flooring
  • Reinforcements / Struts placed between the supporting legs and the platform structure
  • Railing with walkway, sliding railing section available on request.
  • Aisi 304 carbon steel or stainless steel storage tanks with 2 or 3 support trusses depending on the dimensions, complete with convex bottom, flat or convex lid, predisposition for loading pipes.
  • Convex or flat tank lids, with crawlspace, pre-set to install slow ratio-motors sized according to the storage tank capacity
  • Loading pipes of the storage tanks made from zinc-plated steel or stainless steel
  • Manual on-off ball valves to discharge storage tanks
  • Floor level scale of 1000 or 2000 Kg. for coarse dosage.



The STORAGE SYSTEM is made according to all the variables indicated below.

  • Number and capacity of storage tanks
  • Number of storage tanks that must have a slow mixer and sizing of the ratio-motors depending on the capacity of the tanks
  • Revolving mixing paddles sized according to the tanks
  • Spiders sized according to the size of the reduction gear
  • Sizing of the load bearing structure according to the choices made in the previous points
  • Power boards to operate the slow ratio-motors
  • Tank loading pumps that can be diaphragm pneumatic or positive-displacement, reversible, self-priming, swash-plate, operated by electric motor
  • Power boards to operate the loading motor pumps



The valves installed at the end of the discharge pipe can be of different types according to the type of extraction intended.
The valves can be:

  • Manual with the use of a mechanical scale with round dial and hands, for manual dosage
  • Nnormal or ADPE electro-pneumatic, depending on the situation, for extraction handled by an electronic scale or by a cell load weighing system
  • Anti-drip double dosage (coarse or fine) normal or ADPE electro-pneumatic, in the persistent quest for more precise dosing, handled by an electronic scale or cell load weighing system

In the event of introducing formulations that mean extracting and dosing different components stored inside the tanks of the storage system, it is possible to provide for the use of a PLC (Programmable logic Controller) and a Personal Computer to support the solenoid valves and the weighing system.



All the operative electric commands of the storage system and relative gauges are installed in special power boards placed on the bearing legs of the metal structure, so access to the upper section of the storage system is only necessary for normal and extraordinary maintenance. The pneumatic controls are manual and can be operated on the bodies of the pneumatic diaphragm pumps.



The storage system is not a continuous cycle machine that always has to be working. In fact, the internal stirring of the products stored in the tank or their recycling, for products without special problems, is advisable only before beginning extraction, both manual and automatic.
Therefore, the energy consumption refers to the single functions each time the machine operates and we repeat that these are completely unaffected by each other.

  • The mixing times of the products before extraction are strictly connected to the type of product stored inside the tanks
  • Reduced noise and in any case within the legal limits
  • Commands easily accessible from floor zone, without forcing the operator to climb the metal structure to operate the system
  • Easy access to the inside of the tanks via the standard crawlspaces for cleaning and/or maintenance of the scraping paddles and the mixing boards.



The storage system or dye-o-metre can come with the following components:

  • Ball cock shutdown system of the extraction pump that stops both the electric and the pneumatic pump in the event that the maximum allowed level is reached during the phases of tank loading
  • Pipes with recycling pump to move the stored products in the tank in the absence of slow mixers
  • Tanks suited to being empty
  • Straight or corner shelf type metal structure with superimposed tanks to be placed side by side against the wall in order to reduce the floor space used as much as possible.

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