• Metal structure
  • Vessel locking unit
  • Seal dust lid
  • Hydraulic lifting with built-in power unit
  • Lifting piston with check valves and flow control
  • High-build stainless steel Aisi 304 stirring shaft
  • Trapezoid belt and pulley drive
  • Stainless steel Aisi 304 or chrome-plated butterfly impeller
  • Switch board with inverter control with disturbance filter
  • Control panel of standard or explosion-proof type
  • Normal or explosion-proof motor with thermistors
  • Safety system and CE mark



All electronic controls and warning devices are placed on the disperser Control Panel.
The hydraulic-operated lifting distributor is located on the machine body: it must be operated together with the ON switch of the hydraulic control panel motor on the disperser control panel.
The control panel also includes the potentiometer for stirring shaft speed adjustment, digital rev-counter with display, the ON - OFF - RESET push buttons for inverter and EMERGENCYbutton control.
The switch board with the inverter features the following controls:

  • Power switch to set the machine on
  • Thermal cut-out, mains voltage, thermistors protection lights
  • Emergency button



  • Low energy consumption: power consumption depends on the power actually supplied by the inverter setting the power-knob
  • Low noise
  • Easily accessible pulley-drive by removal head-lid
  • Easily accessible lifting central
  • Internal column lubricating nipple on external main column



  • Flat or convex vacuum lid
  • "Sliding" lid - during the working cicle, it's possible to lift the impeller (from cm. 250 to cm.400) and the lid stays on the vessel
  • Automatic lifting control, during working cicle with PLC
  • 4 - 6 pole motors
  • Motor cooling with servo-ventilation
  • Stainless steel Aisi 304 single or double-blade rotary scraper to match the type of selected

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