• Metal structure
  • Vessel locking unit adjustable with tightening belts
  • "BELLOWS" safety, featuring rod supports, side sliding guides, stirring shaft bellows safety, and safety limit switch for placement of light-weight, removable lid.
  • Hydraulic lifting with built-in power unit
  • Lifting piston with check valves and flow control
  • High-build chrome-plated stirring shaft
  • Direct drive
  • Cowless Aisi 304 stainless steel or chrome-plated impellers
  • Switch board with Inverter control and disturbance filter
  • disturbance filter
  • Control panel of standard or explosion-proof type
  • Heavy-duty or explosion-proof motor with thermistors
  • Safety systems and CE mark



All electronic controls and warning devices are placed on the disperser Control Panel.
The hydraulic-operated lifting distributor is located on the machine body: it must be operated together with the ON switch of the hydraulic unit motor on the Disperser control panel.
The Control Panel also includes: the potentiometer for stirring shaft speed adjustment, digital rev-counter with display, the ON - OFF - RESET push-buttons for Inverter and EMERGENCY button control.
The Switch board with the Inverter features the following controls: Powerswitch to set the machine on; thermal cut-out, mains voltage, thermistor protection lights; emergency button.



  • Low energy consumption: power consumption depends on the power actually supplied by the Inverter by setting the power-knob
  • Low noise
  • Easily accessible and easy-to-use controls
  • Easily replaceable vessels even with different diameters
  • All main components are surface-mounted
  • Easy access to the control unit, through back plate removal



  • Version without Inverter with gearmotor with handwheel on the unit head.
  • Version without Inverter with double speed motor, depending on user's power demand.
  • Lower bearing column (3000 mm instead of 3500 mm)
  • Longer motor supporting head for greater distance between the lifting piston and the stirring shaft.
  • Automatic lifting control, during working cycle, with P.L.C. inside the control panel with inverter for a constant, adjustable and timed vertical machine movement to meet all user's needs.
  • 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole motor
  • Motor cooling with servoventilation
  • Pneumatic piston, with dedicated switch, for vessel locking available in the standard version
  • Lenard (propeller, tilted blades or anchor) impellers

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